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Our group is the world's leading comprehensive quality assurance service organization, with more than 1,000 laboratories and branches in more than 100 countries around the world, and more than 40,000 employees;



We are committed to bringing all-round peace of mind to our customers' operations and supply chains with innovative and customized solutions for guarantee, testing, inspection and certification;



Our service scope covers the whole industry, food, textile, electronics, medical chemistry, construction and other majors can match our positions;



Our laboratories are located in the Yangtze River Delta, and job opportunities are available in various districts of Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places;



Our welfare system is perfect. Join Intertek, you will enjoy:


1.   年终双薪

Year-end double salary

2.   年终绩效奖金

Year-end performance bonus

3.   社会保险及住房补充公积金

Social insurance and housing supplementary provident fund

4.   商业保险

Commercial Insurance

5.   全员体检

All staff physical examination

6.   带薪年假/病假

Paid annual/sick leave

7.   依法定规定的加班支付

Overtime payment as prescribed by law

8.   大量的专业技术及个人技能培训

A large number of professional skills and personal skills training

9.   内部职位转换机会

Internal job conversion opportunities

10. 丰富多彩的业余娱乐运动

A variety of amateur entertainment

11. 法定假期:根据国家法定假期执行

Statutory holidays: implemented according to national statutory holidays

12. 周末双休


13. 各种福利:节日礼品、生日礼品、蛋糕、咖啡畅饮等

Various benefits: holiday gifts, birthday gifts, cakes, free coffee, etc.

14. 上班时间:早上9:00—12:00 下午:13:00—17:30

Working hours: 9:00—12:00 in the morning and 13:00—17:30 in the afternoon